Acid Death (Zombie Attack 1986)
Alcohol (Chemical Invasion 1987)
Alcohol (Zombie Attack 1986)
Alcoholic Nightmares (B-Day 2002)
Alien (Alien 1989)
Alien Revenge (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Always them (The Meaning of Life 1990)  
Another Perfect Day (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Atomic Twilight (The Tankard 1995)
Away! (Disco Destroyer 1998)


Barfly (The Meaning of Life 1990)  
Beermuda (The Meaning of Life 1990)
Behind the Back (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Betrayed (Two Faced 1994)  

Beyond the Pubyard
(Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Blood, Guts, and Rock ´n´Roll (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Blue Rage - Black Redemption
(The Beauty and the Beer 2006)  
Broken Image (Stone Cold Sober 1992)

Centerfold (Stone Cold Sober 1992)  
Chains (Zombie Attack 1986)
Chemical Invasion (Chemical Invasion 1987)
Cities in Flames (Two Faced 1994)
Close Encounter
(The Tankard 1995)
Commandments (The Morning After 1988)

Cyberworld (Two Faced 1994)

Dancing on our Grave (The Meaning of Life 1990)
Dark Exile (Kings of Beer 2000)
Days of the Gun (Two Faced 1994)
Dead Men Drinking (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Death by Whips (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Death Penalty (Two Faced 1994)
Deposit Pirates (Thirst 2008) 
Desperation (The Morning After 1988)
Die with a Beer in your Hand (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Dirty Digger (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Disco Destroyer (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Don´t Panic (Chemical Invasion 1987)


Echoes of Fear (Thirst 2008)
(Empty) Tankard (Zombie Attack 1986)

(Empty) Tankard (Alien 1989)
Endless Pleasure (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
(Schwarz-Weiß wie Schnee 2006)

Face of the Enemy (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Farewell to a Slut (Chemical Invasion 1987)
Feed the Lohocla (The Morning After 1988)
For a Thousand Beers (Chemical Invasion 1987)

Fistful of Love (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Flirtin´ with Desaster (Kings of Beer 2000)
Forsaken World (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Frankfurt: We Need More Beer (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Freibier (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Fuck Christmas (The Tankard 1995)

F.U.N. (The Morning After 1988)

G.A.L.O.W. (Thirst 2008)
Genetic Overkill
(Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Grave new World
(The Tankard 1995)

Hard Rock Dinosaur (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Hell bent for Jesus (Kings of Beer 2000)
Help Yourself (The Morning After 1988)
Hope? (The Tankard 1995)
Hot Dog Inferno (Kings of Beer 2000) (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Hyperthermia (Thirst 2008)

Ice-Olation (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Ich brauch´meinen Suff´ (Two Faced 1994)
I´m so sorry! (Kings of Beer 2000)
Incredible Loudness (Kings of Beer 2000)

Jimmy B. Bad (Two Faced 1994)
Jurisdiction (Stone Cold Sober 1992)

Kings of Beer (Kings of Beer 2000)

Land of the free (Kings of Beer 2000)
Live to Dive (Alien 1989)
Lost and Found (Stone Cold Sober 1992)


Mainhatten (Two Faced 1994)
Maniac Forces (Zombie Attack 1986)
Mechanical Man (The Meaning of Life 1990)

Mercenary (Zombie Attack 1986)
Mess in the West (The Tankard 1995)
Metaltometal (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Mindwild (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Minds on the Moon
(The Tankard 1995)

Mirror, Mirror (Kings of Beer 2000)
Mon Cheri (The Morning After 1988)
Mr. Superlover (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Myevilfart (Thirst 2008)

Nation over Nation (Two Faced 1994)
Need Money for Beer
(B-Day 2002)
New Liver please (B-Day 2002)
Notorious Scum (B-Day 2002)

Octane Warriors (Thirst 2008)
Of strange talking people... (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Open all Night (The Meaning of Life 1990)

Poison (Zombie Attack 1986)
Poshor Golovar (The Tankard 1995)
Positive (The Tankard 1995)
Puke (Chemical Invasion 1987)

Queen of Hearts (Disco Destroyer 1998)


Rectifier (B-Day 2002)
Remedy (Alien 1989)
Rockstars No. 1 (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
R.T.V. (Two Faced 1994)
Rundown Quarter (B-Day 2002)

666 Packs (Alien 1989)
Schwarz-Weiß wie Schnee (Schwarz-Weiß wie Schnee 2006)
Screamin´Victims (Zombie Attack 1986)
Serial Killer (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Sexy Feet Under (Thirst 2008)
Shaken Not Stirred (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Shit-Faced (The Morning After 1988)
Sleeping with the Past (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Slipping from Reality (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Space Beer (The Meaning of Life 1990)
Splendid Boyz (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Stay Thirsty! (Thirst 2008)
Stone Cold Sober (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Sunscars (B-Day 2002)

Talk Show Prostitute (Kings of Beer 2000)
Tankard Roach Motel (Disco Destroyer 1998)
Tantrum (Chemical Invasion 1987)
Tattoo Coward (Kings of Beer 2000)
The Horde (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
The Beauty And The Beast (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
The Meaning of Life (The Meaning of Life 1990)
The Morning After (The Morning After 1988)
The Story of Mr. Cruel
(The Tankard 1995)
Thrash´till Death (Zombie Attack 1986)
Total Addiction (Chemical Invasion 1987)

Traitor (Chemical Invasion 1987)
Try again (The Morning After 1988)
TV Hero (The Morning After 1988)
Two Faced (Two Faced 1994)

Ugly Beauty (Stone Cold Sober 1992)
Ugly, fat and still alive (B-Day 2002)
Under Friendly Fire (Beast of Bourbon 2004)
Underground (B-Day 2002)
Up from Zero (Two Faced 1994)
U-R-B (Disco Destroyer 1998)

Voodoo Box (B-Day 2002)

We are us (The Meaning of Life 1990)
We Still Drink The Old Ways (The Beauty and the Beer 2006)
Wheel of Rebirth (The Meaning of Life 1990)
When Daddy Comes To Play (Thirst 2008)

Wonderful Life (The Meaning of Life 1990)

Zero Dude (B-Day 2002)
Zodiac Man (Thirst 2008)
Zombie Attack (Zombie Attack 1986)