Disco Destroyer (1998)

Label: Century Media
CD: 77209-2

1. Serial Killer
2. http://www.Planetwide-Suicide.com
3. Hard Rock Dinosaur
4. Queen of Hearts
5. U-R-B
6. Mr. Superlover
7. Tankard Roach Motel
8. Another Perfect Day
9. Death by Whips
10. Away!
11. Face of the Enemy
12. Splendid Boyz
13. Disco Destroyer


Line up:
Andreas „Gerre“ Geremia (Vocals) * Frank Thorwarth (Bass) * Andy Bulgaropulos (Guitar) * Olaf Zissel (Drums)

Produced by Harris Johns
Mixed and Engineered by Harris Johns and Andy Bulgaropulos
Recorded and Mixed at Spiderhouse/Lütte in December 97 and January 98

Backing vocals by Martin and Markus from Paragon